Sangkuriang Resto

With beautifully presented dishes from Indonesia, Asia and the West, The Sangkuriang Restaurant provides hearty, healthy food in the comfort of your own home. Sangkuriang restaurant will prepare your favorite dishes to the highest standards of hygiene and food safety, letting you enjoy a range of delicious dishes with peace of mind.

Open daily: 7.00AM

Cemara Café

Laid-back and lively, The Cemara Café is perfect for relaxing by the poolside in a tranquil environment. Our food menus range from the authentic Indonesian taste, from international cuisines to vegetarian or vegan options, so dig in because our tables are open for breakfast throughout dinner.

Open daily 24-Hour

Ghaharu Café

Once you set your foot inside this Cafe, you will be presented with an instagrammable elegantly-designed interior, complete with an incredible outdoor area with beautiful nature.

Open daily: 7.00AM