Kawah Ratu Pools

Hot spring pools are, without a doubt, extremely relaxing and beautiful. They are considered a spa treatment for obvious reasons, and one of those is the mere ability to lay back and de-stress from your hectic life. Life is made up of moments – some more special than others. The hot springs pool provides you the ones worth remembering. Kawah Ratu Pool consists of three pools for adult and one pool for child. Each pool has its charms and unique angles for picture-perfect moments which would make guests have endless reasons to stay in the water.

    Open 24 hours

Entry Price

  • Weekend : Rp. 120,000.00
    Friday - Sunday, (high seasons, public holiday and long weekend)
  • Weekday : Rp. 100,000.00
    Monday - Thursday
  • Children : Rp. 60,000.00
    Ages 4 to 10 years
Ticket include free parking and soft drink